Metamorphose idea into a product.

KelebekLabs carries ideas closer to being products by applying effective techniques and processes.

Our journey started with in 2013 and continued with later on. We liked this journey. The purpose of this journey was to transform the ideas of people or companies in our mentality from the caterpillar level to the butterfly level. We are the venture studio that helps developing ideas.

Try out your thoughts on a concrete prototype instead of keeping them abstract for a long time!

Doing everything alone is not so productive, work together with us and don't be alone in your projects!

Get hard problems closer to a solution quickly by the solution provided by R&Ding!

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Cloud file storage for printing files. System generates 4 letters memorable code for accessing the files anywhere in 24 hours.


Car market news mobile app with high quality content. Customers stay up-to-date on their favorite areas.

Filament Quality Monitor with IoT

End-to-End IoT system for monitoring and managing better filament production quality. 3D printing professionals' choice.

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