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Ideas Remaining Abstract for a Long Time Slows Successful Productization

  • Being able to fully express ideas and work together on them becomes an inefficient process

  • Endless ideation and projecting phases

  • The feasibility of ideas are being made too late

Try Out the Thoughts on a Concrete Prototype

  • Accelerates cooperation with your project partners

  • Accelerates your productization process

  • Allows you to detect problems early

Multi-platform Video Call Sales App

Web based sales chatbot with a video call to sales person's mobile application. System allows a quick trusted communication.

Used technologies: Twilio, WebRTC, React Native, React, AWS, Ruby

Build an early version of your product to prevent potential flaws and User Experience concerns. Prevent potential damages and loss of time that can happen during your product development process and the product launch.

Recently while developing GarajApp, a car magazine app, we had a need to use a CMS to add content such as News, Campaigns and static pages like Guides. We considered several options...