Do not be alone in your projects!

Doing everything alone is not productive

  • Researching from scratch all the time

  • Being so dived into the development flow may cause not seeing some perspectives

  • Having constant dilemmas about different solutions

Work together with a Consultant

  • Brings experience and know-how

  • Gives objective recommendations

  • Supports the decision making

IoT device and system for monitoring high-quality Filament Production

End-to-End IoT system for monitoring and managing better filament production quality. 3D printing professionals' choice.

Used technologies: Rasberry Pi, Balena, NodeJS, SQLite, PWA, Docker, Cloudflare

Consultancy can be defined as the transfer of knowledge, skills and experience of experts in the field to individuals or organizations with the principle of independence in a certain period of time. It does not lead to the result, it brings closer to the result.

You're ready for your product's launch, you'd like to show your customers finally there's a solution for their pain. You expect 1000 people using your service per hour, you made all the calculations and somehow you're confident. But, are you?...