R&D Services

Get hard problems closer to a solution quickly!

Common Problems in Projects

  • Limited time

  • Limited knowledge and experience in the given area

  • Limited capital

Solution Provided by R&D

  • Speeds things up using techniques

  • Reduces cost

  • Increases quality and productivity

Internet of Gardens

PaaS for gardening technology enthusiasts. Solution provides a simple API designed for garden sensors, demo app and a panel.

Used technologies: SaaS, Python, Ruby, AWS IoT

Research and Development is a set of techniques that helps discovering 2 key parts; Risks and the Objectives. It's an effective way to develop new knowledge and provide that as an input to the product development. Increased awareness significantly improves the development as it improves the focus thanks to less context switching and the ambiguity.

Spikes are for research, design, investigation, exploration. The purpose is to gain necessary knowledge to better understand a task and to work on that....