Cloud file storage for printing files. System generates 4 letters memorable code for accessing the files anywhere in 24 hours.

Ruby on Rails, React Native(with Expo), Docker, Terraform

SaaS platform for managing customers in small repair shops. Easy to use interface allows keeping track of the issues and the customers.

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Multi-tenancy by schema, Heroku

GarajApp (consultancy + prototyping)

Car market news mobile app with high quality content. Customers stay up-to-date on their favorite areas.

Swift, Hasura(GraphQL), Ruby, Auth0, Heroku

Internet of Gardens

PaaS for gardening technology enthusiasts. Solution provides a simple API designed for garden sensors, demo app and a panel.

SaaS, Python, Ruby, AWS IoT

IoT device and system for monitoring high-quality Filament Production (consultancy)

End-to-End IoT system for monitoring and managing better filament production quality. 3D printing professionals' choice.

Rasberry Pi, Balena, NodeJS, SQLite, PWA, Docker, Cloudflare

Multi-platform Video Call Sales App (prototyping + R&D)

Web based sales chatbot with a video call to sales person's mobile application. System allows a quick trusted communication.

Twilio, WebRTC, React Native, React, AWS, Ruby